Save Our Library

Petitions and protests have been sprouting this Spring, from Wivenhoe to Prettygate, Kelvedon to Coggeshall and beyond, as part of the public consultation taking place by Essex County Council. The County Council is looking to close one third of its libraries and change the way such services are run.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand why the people are not happy. Libraries and their trained librarians do so much more than lend and check books in and out. They introduce children to a love of reading, and are sources of information and bright ideas for all age groups. The buildings can be places for social and educational activities as well as being safe havens for the lonely or lost, providing digital services, and signposting for anyone in need of help. They can provide spaces for meetings, talks, book launches, music and so much more. You get the idea.

No decision will be made until later this Summer, when the council has had time to consider the representations sent to them. meanwhile communities across Essex have mounted ‘Save Our Library’ groups. Related activities have taken place such as Read Ins, story telling sessions, concerts, poetry celebrations, the creation of wishing trees, picture boards and posters.

Last weekend ‘Save Wivenhoe Library’ held a Read In in the High Street, to draw attention to their campaign, on a busy weekend in Wivenhoe. The streets were full of people walking round the annual Open Gardens and Open Studios, as well as visiting the Farmers Market. Our library adds so much to our vibrant community, as is the case in so many others, so let’s appreciate them and keep using them.

img_5801   (Reading  from Lawn House Blues!)

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