Sri Lanka in my thoughts

‘There’s No Sea in Salford’, my first novel, was published in April 2013. It is the story of a Sri Lankan nurse in the UK, whose family have lived through the Civil War, struggling against all odds to get back home following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

How sad it is that in April 2019 our newspapers are full of further tragedy and great loss in Sri Lanka, its people having suffered awful terrorist bombings during the last week.

Thinking of the Sri Lankan people again, and the time I spent there on a three-month elective period as a final year medical student in 1978, has made take my own book off the bookshelf and dust it down, ready to read it again and remember.


To encourage others to read it and maybe see another (albeit fictional) view of this beautiful country I have arranged for the kindle edition to be sold at the reduced price of 99p for the week, from 1st-8th May. I hope you might give it a try.

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