My name is Philippa Hawley – welcome to my site and don’t forget to check out the blogs  listed here – I aim to add to the list about once a month.

The picture shown above was taken by Clinton Hale at the launch of Lawn House Blues on 21st September 2018 at the Nottage Institute in Wivenhoe. To Be Frank will be having a celebration in due course, having been published by Blossom Spring Publishing on 28th April 2022.

To Be Frank and Lawn House Blues are now available in bookshops such as Wivenhoe Bookshop and Red Lion Books in Colchester. They can also be purchased on Amazon Below you can find a link to Amazon where you can see both the paperback and Kindle ebook.

Link to Amazon

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And here’s me on the left.

About me – I’ve been a doctor for more than half of my life and most of that time I’ve been a GP. In my professional life I’ve been able to observe people and their varied relationships, and been privileged to be involved in many of their personal stories. Most of these I couldn’t possibly share … but now I can make up stories of my own.

So have a look at the writing page to see my past work, and then peruse new blogs, including more chat about my most recent novel, To Be Frank, as well as Lawn House Blues.


Book cover Lawn House Blues

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