Writing achievements


To Be Frank, published April 2022 by Blossom Spring Publishing http://www.blossomspringpublishing.com Available on their site, independent bookshops or on Amazon http://Amazon.co.uk as kindle or paperback, this is the story of Frank, a recovering alcoholic, finding his true self and real family after receiving an unusual inheritance.  

Lawn House Blues, published September 2018, available to purchase at independent bookshops and on Amazon – click on link here. Amazon  Set in rural Suffolk, a story of love, loss and acceptance, with a touch of intrigue and a soupçon of modern day upstairs downstairs.

More information about Lawn House Blues and To Be Frank, their creation and development can be found on my blogging pages – scroll down or look at the side bar ( depending what sort of screen you’re on) for the blogging pages and have a look.

There’s No Sea in Salford published April 2013 with Wivenbooks. This 226 page debut novel takes a young nurse from Salford to Sri Lanka. Romance fiction, travel

There’s No Sea in Salford

 How They Met Themselves published Nov 2014 with Wivenbooks. A coming of age story about a young man travelling in California. Romance fiction.

How They Met Themselves

Short Stories

2016 – ‘An Essex Walk’ published in  ‘A Great Little Gallimaufry’, anthology in aid of Farleigh Hospice, Chelmsford.

2107, July – ‘Shitty Mushrooms’ published July 2019 in WSOFIT, anthology by Devil’s Party Press


2020, Oct 31- ‘Mary had her little lamb’ published on twitter @paragraphplanet

2020, Dec 23 – ‘The Christmas Eve Dragon’ published by spillwords.com, @spillwords

2021, June 26 – ‘Fresh Air’ part of FlashFlood, http://nationalflashfictionday.co.uk

              ‘Fresh Air’ can now also be read on http://wivenhoewriters.blogspot.co.uk

2021, Third place, Wivenhoe News 500, Summer edition, No. 88, ‘The Calling’.


June 2016 – ‘God help me stay alive among this deadly love’,  about Berlin’s East Side Gallery, published online in Fred’s diary at http://fd81.net

July 2016 – ‘River reflections – The Mighty Mekong and the Comfortable Colne’ about Vietnam and Cambodia, published online on the ‘We Said Go Travel’ travel blog.http://wesaidgotravel.com


October 2016 ‘Nets’ – about a beautiful net-making workshop, Bresciareti on Lake Iseo, published on Fred’s diary –  http://fd81.net

Lake Iseo.JPG


‘Liverpool Street to Wivenhoe’ – Words Down The Line, March 2012

‘Autumn’ – Words Down The Line, Autumn 2014

‘The Old Engine Shed’ – Words Down The Line, Summer 2015

‘And Breathe’ – Poetry Wivenhoe, May 2020  http://poetry wivenhoe.org

‘Grasp’ – collaborative poem in  The Practice of Solitude http://100wordsofsolitude.wordpress.com