Ian Richardson, Alison Parker, Dettra Rose, Philippa Hawley

        So pleased to have been able to contribute to ‘The Practice Of Solitude’.

Each author wrote 25 words which were then combined by the editors and made into a 100 word piece. I’ll let you guess which 25 words were mine.

100 Words Of Solitude


Posting ruddy face mask welts and lockdown haircuts
we reconnect through screens, rehearse our daily routines, and wait
for the vaccine cavalry to restitch reality.

I scroll, I tap, I ‘Read More’. Graphs, quotes, opinions, read more!
I need to salve the agitation simmering deep.
All I find is distraction.

Pixilated Mum. Close up ear on upside-down phone.
Tiny Mum in zoom cubicle. Disembodied voice.
One year, more, she can’t crush me in her arms.

I weep in my bunk, in my hand a tangerine
with a dusting of green where once
a stalk joined it to tree and family.

Ian Richardson has been reading books and comics for a long time. Eventually, inevitably, he began to write and gained confidence to share his work. He lives in Scotland and enjoys walking his dog and exploring local countryside with camera in hand. His micro poetry can be found on…

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