New Year fun and games

Happy New Year!

abstract analog art camera
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

I woke up half-dreaming and half-thinking about Lawn House Blues being made in to a film. Dreaming is good but I now can’t stop thinking about who to cast as each character and it’s proving to be a challenging and interesting game. If you have any better ideas please feel free to send them in but here’s my list for starters:-

Della as a young woman – Saoirse Ronan ( so good as a vulnerable young woman)

Della as an older woman – Anne Reid ( bringing the wisdom of age to the part)

Arthur as a young man  – Tom Hiddleston ( handsome and a charmer)

Arthur as an older man   – Patrick Stewart ( control until the very end)

Reg as a young man  – James Buckley ( perfect choice for an unexpected future)

Reg as an older man – Gary Oldman ( can play any part you ask of him)

Max  – Eddie Redmayne  (sensitive, intelligent, ability to grow in strength within a role)

Jenny – Rosamund Pike  (beautiful and capable)

Ed      – Ryan Gosling   (another handsome charmer, who can actually play guitar)

Oliver – Dan Stevens  ( simply born to the role)

Celine – Vicky McClure ( wonderful in all she does)

Tricia – Jamie Winston ( gritty, flexible actress)

Gus  – James Norton  ( can play a strong country boy, and so much more)

Sandra  – Sheridan Smith ( will stand up for herself in any role )

Steve Cain  – Alec Baldwin ( American alpha male)

It could be a rather expensive film! All I need now is Jane Goldman to do the scriptwriting.


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