Press Release January 2021 — stmaryswivenhoe

WIVENHOE CHURCH STARTS WORK ON THE TRANSFORMATION PROJECT After nine years of careful consideration and planning, St Mary the Virgin church in Wivenhoe has signed the building contract with Bakers of Danbury for work to begin on its Transformation Project. The project comprises the re-ordering of the existing Nave, and the construction of an annexe […]

Press Release January 2021 — stmaryswivenhoe

This press release explains clearly how the Transformation Project will bring something positive to the residents of Wivenhoe, from all backgrounds. It is reassuring for interested local people to learn of the many years of consideration and hard work that have gone into the project, alongside pubic consultation.

I am hopeful this important building, which stands at the centre of our small town, will remain more than just a landmark, and be a beautiful and welcoming place to visit and meet, providing social opportunities and support within the community.

As a member of local writing groups and reading groups I imagine the Annexe will make a great meeting place for some of our meetings and locally run courses. Can’t wait!

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