NaNoWriMo done and dusted

In the end I did it – and I finished 3 days early because were were going away for a couple of days. The word count by 28th November came to 50,401 and I got my winners certificate.


I started to write a story about four girls, friends growing into professionally successful women. Their ongoing friendships battled through ups and downs, because of their innately competitive natures, work difficulties, and family life with children. It’s ended up quite a different story but was fun to write. I wonder if it will ever see the light of day – probably not, but that’s not the point of NaNoWriMo.

What is the point? It makes you get used to writing every day and practise your writing. It is a good opportunity to test out new techniques and new ideas in writing, that can be hidden or altered later. It can give you a surprise story simply because of the freedom it gives you to write whatever you want. It gives you a reason to ask someone else (e.g. husband) to cook supper for you every night for a month

The down side is that it makes you very boring to others not doing WriMo (e.g. husband). It can make you somewhat one-track minded and can result in unnecessary stress – I actually gave myself toothache from clenching my jaw as I wrote.

Lessons learned – avoid doing it next year – try to continue the daily writing practice – do not clench teeth when typing – appreciate husband more.

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