I loved my book launch

Friday’s book launch went well and Lawn House Blues is now freely available for you to purchase, read and enjoy.Photo 21-09-2018, 18 52 06 copy

The Nottage Institute was a great venue and we had lots of space in which our lovely guests could have a glass of wine, mingle, and look at the displays while I signed a few books. They patiently listened to my little talk and a short reading after which they were graciously generous with their appreciation.

From my point of view it was lovely to see old friends and new and I’m only sorry I wasn’t able to circulate and chat more – the book signing table remained busy throughout the evening. It was an exciting and enjoyable event and I enjoyed talking about the Lawn House story and the characters I’d created over the last 2 or 3 years.

I’ve just realised I forgot to ask the audience if they had any questions after my talk. During the evening a number of people said how much they loved the ‘spiffing’ cover but, although I thought they might,  no-one asked where the ‘blues’ in the book title came from. Perhaps you will be able to answer that yourself when you read the book.

For now I’ll just share a few pictures with you. Thanks to the photographers amongst you – there might well be more to come.



_MG_8336 copy


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