Book launch day

Today’s the day!

 Book cover Lawn House Blues

The door to Lawn House has been opened today and you can now buy the book and find out more about what’s been going on inside. That’s because Lawn House Blues is really a story about a house – a once grand English country mansion in rural Suffolk, now struggling in modern times. The families of the owners, the staff, and the visitors to the house all play a part in a developing saga and they each experience happy times and sad times, mixed with a smattering of intrigue.

Now down to business:-

If you want to buy the book it will be on sale at the book launch event this evening, between 6 and 8 pm at Wivenhoe’s Nottage Institute on the quay. If the weather is good we can have the balcony windows open for a fine view of the river. The paperback will be sold for £7.99.

It is also available at Wivenhoe bookshop, Red Lion Books in Colchester, and all otherindependent bookshops can get hold of it for you from their trade wholesalers on a print-on-demand basis.

Lawn House Blues has also been released on Amazon as both a paper-back and Kindle edition. Other ebook platforms can also access it. The ebook price is £1.99.

If you have any trouble getting hold of a copy please do contact me through this site’s contact page and I’ll do my best to get a copy to you. I’d also be thrilled to hear any comments you have about the book and will always be grateful for any published reviews.

Happy reading.

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