P and C

I think the logo at the top of my home page needs some explanation.

‘P and C’ stands for Philippa and Clinton, and ‘P and C publishing’ is the name I have used to self-publish my third novel, ‘Lawn House Blues’. The book has been developed and designed with help from Spiffing Covers, visit Spiffing Covers, who provide a full service supporting the self-publishing of print-on-demand books as well as ebooks (and audiobooks if required). Gabriel from Spiffing Covers created this natty logo for me and it now sits nicely on the spine of my book and in the ISBN box.

The official launch of ‘Lawn House Blues’ will be 21st September 2018 – the excitement is building and details of the launch will follow shortly. Thereafter the ‘P and C’ logo is one I can keep and hopefully use for future projects.

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