I’m back

Real life has got in the way of my creative writing in the last few months but I realise it’s now time to get back to it. Happily Frank is doing well after the launch of To be Frank in April, even though I was unable to give him the publicity he deserved. A few glitches in the first print run have been resolved and To Be Frank is now up and running once more, so if you haven’t yet read it, treat yourself to an early Christmas present from or directly from Amazon.

To get myself moving again I’ve been concentrating on short stories, much encouraged by my writing groups and resulting in a couple of acceptances for publication. A travel related story called Crossings is soon due to be published in Robert Fear’s 2023 fiction anthology ‘Fiction Showcase’ so watch this space for more information or see

Then today my little 75 word paragraph about age, energy and plastic recycling has been the chosen paragraph of the day on Even small steps can make one feel more positive; maybe give paragraph planet a try yourself. In the meantime, don’t forget to recycle your plastic.


To Be Frank is here

Felixstowe docks viewed from Harwich
Frank and Mirabelle’s view

I wonder what Frank and Mirabelle are talking about as they look across to the docks at Felixstowe ? You can now buy a copy of To Be Frank and find out as the book is now officially published.

We set off to have a day out in Felixstowe to remind ourselves of Frank’s home town and work place. It should have been a simple 30 mile journey from North Essex, but the A12 was unexpectedly closed due to roadworks. Diversions took us round and round in circles but the sun was shining and the green fields were vibrant and lush and we chatted along the way. Suddenly people in high-vis jackets started to appear and we felt both lost and puzzled. We wanted to go home – had there been an incident, an accident, an emergency or even an alien invasion?

The road signs gave us no useful information. We drove on and on until at last we found the odd place name we recognised, then eventually a sign to Harwich. That would do, we liked Harwich and apparently it was nothing more sinister than a charity car rally causing the chaotic roads. Deliciously fresh fish and chips at The Pier at Harwich restored us and we took a walk along the Stour estuary as we were too late for the ferry across to Felixstowe. The views of Shotley to the north and Felixstowe to the northeast were perfect and reminiscent of the front cover of To Be Frank. Our mission was achieved and we drove back home satisfied. We’ll plan another outing to Felixstowe in the near future, but next time will check the the traffic news.