Write-off, write on

JANUARY. With a case of January-itis, be it post Christmas or belated post-publication blues, January was flat until the last few days of the month. Suddenly towards the end of that long month, the blood-red-wolf-moon stirred some life into me and my husband and I took a last-minute trip to Amsterdam. Our canal side hotel, Hotel Ambassadore, had an amazing library of over 4000 books, signed by writers who had visited. I wished I’d taken a copy of Lawn House Blues for their shelves.


Never mind – I found a new story of my own to write. I hasten to add the hotel in my story was far less charming than the Ambassadore, but I managed to complete it once home and send off to the devilspartypress.com competition– click here for the link.

I tend not to expect to win, or even get long-listed in writing comps; the competition from so many good writers is too great. However the very act of submitting a finished piece was in itself be rewarding and this first submission of the year has led to two more in quick succession. I now write on.



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